Although focused on the national market, NICORP also has its sights firmly directed at exporting, particular with the Caricom region where significant growth opportunities have been identified.

We are aggressively pursuing expansion plans to our operations to better satisfy the domestic market and take full advantage of identified export opportunities.

An Unmatched Product Range

With over 90 different models of our SURGESTOP surge protectors to choose from, you can be sure to find a surge protector that meets your needs.

That is why our product visibility is strong. We continue to benefit from strategic alliances with major retail outlets such as Appliance Traders Ltd., JPS eStore, Azan Supercentre, Megamart, Bashco, ABC Electrical, all of which now carry our SURGESTOP surge protectors.

Indeed, the NICORP SurgeStop products enjoy islandwide distribution. And of course, you can also contact us directly. We are here to serve YOU!